Bei Stones Throw gibt es die neue MED 12″ „Where I Am From“ (feat. Aloe Back) mit der B-Side „Classic“ feat. Talib Kewli.

„Here’s a new “double A-side” 12-inch from MED, “Where I’m From” featuring Aloe Blacc (produced by Oh No), backed with the aptly-named “Classic” featuring Talib Kweli (produced by Karriem Riggins).
We debuted “Classic” on the Stones Throw Podcast a couple months back, but this is the first time on vinyl for any of these tracks. Both sides include Vocal, Instrumental and Acappella versions.
MED has a new album in the works for 2011 release.
“ (via Stones Throw)

„Where I Am From“ – MED feat. Aloe Blacc
MED – Where I’m From feat. Aloe Blacc by stonesthrow

„Classic“ – MED feat. Talib Kweli
MED – Classic feat. Talib Kweli by stonesthrow