Die drei DJs Skratch Bastid, DJ Expo und Marc Hype treffen sich dank gemeinsamer Bekannter in Berlin, der Heimat Hypes. Die Gunst der Stunde wird genutzt und es entsteht „Heavyweight Carry-On“. Der besteht ausschließlich aus den 7″ Vinyls die sich in den Reise-Cases der drei finden.

Vorweg die ganze Geschichte, den Mix inklusive Tracklist gibt’s nach dem Klick zu hören.

Sehr gute Sache!

-> Picture this: 3 DJs (Skratch Bastid, Marc Hype & DJ Expo) from 3 different countries (Canada, Germany & USA, respectively) are all in Berlin at the same time. Bastid & Expo are on the road touring in Europe on separate tours, and Marc is at home in between German & Russian tours. By the grace of a few mutual friends, they all meet at Marc’s house to hang out and trade music. Each DJ cracks open their stuffed 45 road cases (they never fit enough…) and they proceed to show off the records that they packed, over sips of delicious Tegernseer. Marc has the bright idea that they should record some of this. They meet again the following day and start recording a mix. Simple enough.

Made solely from the 45s that they took on tour, HEAVYWEIGHT CARRY-ON is 70 minutes of Funk, R&B, Latin, Hip-Hop, Dancehall & Reggae 7″ records – an all vinyl mix. The added restriction with wax-only gigs is that you can play only what you can carry into the gig, and traveling tightens those limitations even more. It’s whatever you can fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of you, because no one puts their copy of Bobby Franklin’s Insanity in checked luggage, right?. But that’s part of the fun of it all. This is a set of tunes that these selectors trust to turn any party out while on the road. Press play and start travellin’…

Heavyweight Carry-On A 45 mix by Skratch Bastid Marc Hype DJ Expo

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Track list (all songs from 45s/7″s):

Mandrill – „Mango Meat“
Syl Johnson – „Different Strokes“
Poets of Rhythm – „More Mess On My Thang“
Momma & Pappa Rock’n Family – „Shop Around“
Luther Ingram – „Puttin‘ Game Down“
Gary Byrd & The G.B.E. – „Soul Travellin‘ (Pt. 1)“
Betty Wright – „Slip & Do It“
Merry Clayton – „Grandma’s Hands (Scrimshire Edit)“
Jimmy Castor Bunch – „The Return Of Leroy (Pt. 2)“
Ray Barretto – „Pastime Paradise“
Bobby Franklin’s Insanity – „Bring It On Down To Me“
Eddie Harris interlude
House Of Commons – „Funky Fuddle Duddle“
Eddy Senay – „Ain’t No Sunshine“ b/w Pharcyde – „Passin‘ Me By (Acapella)“
Ella Fitzgerald – „Sunshine of Your Love (Live)“
20th Century Steel Band – „Heaven & Hell Is On Earth“
Creative Source – „Who is He and What is He To You (Pt. 1)“
Banbarra – „Shack Up (Pt.1)“
Payback Mix interlude
The J.B.’s – „The Grunt (Pt.1)“
The Isley Brothers – „Keep On Doin'“
Above The Law – „Untouchable“
King Bee feat. Kool Keith & Ced Gee – „Cold Slammin‘ (Hypo Mix)“
Lafayette Afro Rock Band – „Congo“
Grupo Irakere – „Bacalao Con Pan“
Danny Delaney – „Stop and Think“
Gene Williams – „Do It Good“
King Coleman – „The Boo Boo Song (Pt. 1)“
James Brown – „Soul Pride (Pt. 1 & 2)
Super Beagle – „Dust A Sound Boy“
Tenor Saw – „Ring The Alarm“
Tenor Saw – „Golden Hen“
Diseases Riddim interlude
Blackstar – „Definition“
Katalyst – „Day Into Night“