Tatsächlich hat Kanye West seine Ankündigung 5 Alben zu veröffentlichen, wahr gemacht. Qualitativ sind die Sachen durchaus durchwachsen, ich habe aber auf allen Releases ein paar gute Tunes für mich entdecken können. Der New Yorker Kollege DJ Run P. ist sich treu geblieben und hat sich den Samples hinter den Alben gewidmet. Allen 5 Alben in einem Mammut-Mixtape. Seine weiteren Samples Mixes findet Ihr hier im Archiv.

150 Minuten sind es geworden, wieder mal astrein recherchiert und kompiliert. Exzellenter Job P.! Die Tracklist zu allen 5 Teilen gibt es weiter unten. Den Download ebenfalls. Das großartige Artwork kommt von Geoff J. Kim. Viel Spaß damit!

Folgt Run P. hier

Good Brother Buzz, how’s everything with you sir? Hoping things aren’t as hot by you as it is over here. It’s about that time of the year again haha. We’re getting bombarded with loads of great music, and I was waiting for something that made sense to make a samples mix for and I waited until G.O.O.D. Music followed through on its promise of releasing 5 albums. Now that things have settled with Teyana Taylor’s album etc. here’s the link for G.O.O.D. Samples which is my only extended samples project for multiple albums. Attached is the official artwork courtesy of the wildly talented Geoff J. Kim. He def put his foot in this one, and down to the color scheme.

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In what has consistently been an exploration of the creative process and context behind a classic album, Run P.’s Sample Series weaves original songs sampled on an artist’s album with insightful soundbytes from their various interviews. This time around Run P. salutes G.O.O.D. Music’s historical hip-hop moment –the rolling out of 5 albums from Teyana Taylor, Nas, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, and Kanye himself during Black Music Month 2018. Giving his Sample Series treatment to the collective body of work, Run reveals what seems to be a production-driven G.O.O.D. music compilation (as opposed to 5 full albums) and a deep dive into the many faces of Ye, the silence of Nasir, among other life-changing moments faced by the crew.

Run P. Presents G.O.O.D. Samples

Daytona: The Samples [00:00:00]
I. Fundamentals Still Apply
II. If You Know, You Know – Pusha T
III. Twelve O’Clock Satanial (If You Know You Know) – Air
IV. I Can’t Do Without You (Come Back Baby) – George Jackson
V. High as Apple Pie Slice II (Hard Piano) – Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band
VI. I Want to Make Up (Infrared) – The 24 Carat Black
VII. The Old Kanye (Interlude)
VIII. Drugs (Santeria) – Lil‘ Kim
IX. Hail Mary (What Would Meek Do?) – Makaveli (feat. The Outlawz & Prince Ital Joe)
X. Politics As Usual (The Games We Play) – Jay Z
XI. Nothing Disputable (Interlude)
XII. The Truth Shall Make You Free (Come Back Baby) – The Mighty Hannibal
XIII. Heart N‘ Soul (The Games We Play) – Booker T. Averheart
XIV. Heart of The Sunrise (What Would Meek Do?) – Yes
XV. It’s NOT For You (interlude)
XVI. The Prelude (Infrared) – Jay Z
XVII. Ageless

Ye: The Samples [00:59:14]
I. Ye
II. Kothbiro (Yikes) – Black Savage
III. Kanye (Interlude)
IV. Kane (Interlude)
V. Children Get Together – The Edwin Hawkins Singers
VI. Ye (Interlude)
VII. Hey Young World (No Mistakes) – Slick Rick
VIII. Kanye (Interlude)
IX. Someday – Shirley Ann Lee
X. Kanye (Interlude)
XI. Take Me for a Little While – The Royal Jesters
XII. Kanye (Interlude)
XIII. Ha (Yikes) – Juvenile
XIV. Khanye (Outro)

Kids See Ghosts: The Samples [01:23:04]
I. Burn The Rain – Kurt Cobaine
II. Log Out (interlude)
III. What Will Santa Claus Say (4th Dimension) – Louie Prima
IV. Life’s Not Fair (interlude)
V.They’re Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! (Fire) – Napoleon XIV
VI. Embrace Responsibility (Interlude)
VII. Stark (Freeee) -Mr. Chop
VIII. Out of Love (Outro)

NASIR: The Samples [01:34:42]
I. Hymn to Red October (Not For Radio) -Basil Poledouris
II. 7 Greatest Moments (Interlude)
III. Mukti (Bonjour) – R.D. Burman
IV. Prison Song (White Label) – Shahram Shabpareh
V. Gole Yakh (Adam and Eve) -Kourosh Yaghmaee
VI. He Knows (Interlude)
VII. Ain’t No Sunshine (Adam and Eve) – MIchael Jackson
VIII. 1800 Cop Shot (Interlude)
IX. Children’s Story (Cop Shot the Kid) – Slick Rick
X. Have to Answer (Outro)

K.T.S.E.: The Samples [02:01:51]
I. Embracing Motherhood
II. I Do Love You (Issues/Hold On) – Clint Black & The Eastside Band
III. Can’t Strain My Brain (Hurry) – Sly & The Family Stone
IV. Never Would Have Made It (Never Would Have Made It) – Marvin Sapp
V. He Back
VI. Because I Love You Girl (Rose In Harlem) – The Stylistics
VII. I Gave to You (Gonna Love Me) – The Delfonics
VIII. If I’m Horny
IX. Work This Pussy – J. Vasquez
X. All G.O.O.D. (Outro)

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