Andrey Veretennikov aka Mr. And-7 aus Moskau hat sich die Rare-Grooves der Sowjet-Union vorgeknöpft. Von Russland, über die Ukraine, nach Litauen, Turkmenistan, Aserbaidschan und die Mongolei.

Der Mix ist komplett live an 4 Turntables unter Nutzung der originalen Vinyls gemixt worden. Sehr sehr guter Job.

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Mr. And-7 - Sovietablizm

-> This mix is dedicated to the best passages of the Soviet 70’s and 80’s music from my collection of original records. Here you will hear the breaks and musical moments of the tracks a variety of musicians from Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Soviet Mongolia. I found a set of records in Russia, Ukraine and Lithuania, when I went there for a vacation or a tour. There is a funk and soul, psychedelic rock and avant-garde jazz and, bossa-nova and fusion, as well as the national folk and pop music with interesting jazz-rock-funk tunes and riffs. Perhaps you have already guessed that there is a well-known and all Romance of Lovers, Jaan Kuman, Oktava, Ensambel Melodiya, Gunesh and particularly popular and super rare record of Bayan Mongol. This mix was recorded with 4 turntables Technics 1210/1200, one cd-player Denon s3900 and two Rane mixers, and effectors Pioneer EFX-1000. All the tracks from the original LP’s and 7inch’s except for the track records of Vagif Mustafa Zadeh called Aman Ovchu, which was played at the beginning of the mix. This track was published on the original cd Dushunce. I think many of the producers who write music in the direction of hip-hop and trip-hop will be interesting a lot of tracks and breaks from this mix. I hope you will not stay indifferent and will long enjoy this treasure and heritage of the former Soviet Union.

This mix is dedicated to my girlfriend Mary, who inspired me to this work, and helped found some records.

01. Intro
02. Vagif Mustafa-Zadeh – Aman Ovchu
03. Romance For Lovers by Ensemble Melodija – Maneuvers
04. Mazhukov, Kuznetsov, Brill – Lamentation
05. VIA Svityaz – Charivna Obruchka
06. A. Macius – Apginkime Daina
07. Oktava – Vaikinas Nuo Krazantes
08. Jaan Kuman – Kirsioite Tolm
09. Nerija – May Night
10. Group Valentina Badyarova – Start
11. Gunars Rozenbergs – Greizais Kvadrats
12. Dielo – At Fun Wave
13. Boris Tolstobokova Quartet – Concerto Grosso
14. Dielo – Niblia
15. V. Ignat’ev – Red Poppies
16. Gunesh – Jig-jig (Girl)
17. Collage – Mets Neiude Vahel
18. Romualdas Grabstas – Bosanova
19. J. Sixa – The YCL Land
20. Ensemble Melodija – It Means Nothing
21. Arsenal – Dangerous Game
22. Oktava – Mylek Mane
23. Arnyka – Calling You
24. Ensemble Melodija – My Inspiration
25. Y. Saulskiy – Road
26. Jaan Kuman – Ratastel
27. Oktava – We’ll Meet Again
28. Jazz-Comfort – Good Mood
29. Raivo Tammiku Instrumentaalansambel ‎– Ratastel
30. Dustar – Dance of the Bees
31. Unknown Leningrad VIA – Red Poppies
32. Light Music Orchestra of the Lithuanian TV and radio – Interlude
33. Kontemporanul – Beetsy Cheerful
34. Oktava – Clear Sky
35. Jazz Ensemble Allegro – Concerto Suite in Three Parts
36. Ensemble Melodija – Happy Flight
27. K. Orbelyan & T. Oganesyan – Vokaliz
28. A. Zakis – Average Beat-Rhythm
29. Jaan Kuman – Contrasts
30. Arnyka – Stubborn Girlfriend
31. A. Kroll – Hi, contemporary!
32. Nerija – Come to Know, Zemelyushka
33. Arsenal – Tree
34. Reo – A Familiar Melody
35. A. Kroll – Rhythm Is Ahead
36. A. Zakis – Fast Beat-Rhythm
37. D. Goloshchekin – Green Eyes
38. Jazz Orchestra Klaipeda Faculty – Mongonukleosis
39. Collage – Bossanova Hing
40. Dielo – Chemo Mzeo
41. Pop Music Orchestra Vilnius Recording Studio M. Tamoshyunasa – Bossa Nova
42. The Bayan Mongol Variety Group ‎- A Black Horse
43. VIA Svitiaz – Love Me

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