Aufm Ohr … von Narou und Temple Haze

aufm ohr temple haze narou

Das erste Doppelfeature aller Aufm Ohr Interviews. Narou und Temple Haze habe ich erst vor kurzem mit ihrer Single If I Could Be Yours vorgestellt und im Zuge dessen auch direkt für das Interview verhaftet. Vielen Dank für die musikalische Auswahl an Narou und Temple Haze. Ganz anders als hier bei Blogbuzzter gewohnt, deshalb ganz besonders interessant.

Aufm Ohr von Narou

Octavian – Little
On repeat throughout the second half of 2019. I am a huge fan of Octavian and his bouncy flow. He is a lyrical Wizard.

Weird Inside – Until You Are Alone:
I love the cinematic sounddesign and his incredibly good choice of sounds. This one just takes u on a trip.

Kaytranada – Nothing Like U
Been a fan of this Guy for years. He managed to stay true to his sound. The housey disco sounds and the soul full RNB vocals by TY Dollasign create such a chill vibe.

Aufm Ohr von Temple Haze

River Tiber – Deep End
Great production, unexpected arrangement. I’m a huge fan of River Tiber in general, and this new release really puts you into his shoes, lots of tasty electronic sounds and the feeling of being in the mountains with no reception.

Vulfpeck Ft. Theo Katzmann & Monica Martin – Love Is A Beautiful Thing by
Vulfpeck, one of the best bands of the 21st century honestly. I’m somehow addicted to this track at the moment, it just hits all the right buttons, especially around the holiday season ;) It’s is right on that border of being Cliche, but it always stays in the green. Dig it

Parcels – Bemyself
Chillest song by the Parcels for their debut LP, it has quite a Beatles quality to it. Dreamy harmonies and slide guitar, perfect for these chilly winter days.