Skratch Bastid und Cosmo Baker haben bereits im letzten Jahr gemeinsam ihren „Songs We Listened To A Lot“ Mix veröffentlicht und halten glücklicherweise an der jungen Tradition fest. Drei Stunden Musik wie immer brilliant gemixt von den beiden.

Soul, HipHop, Elektro, House, Latin, Trap, Reggae, es ist wirklich sehr bunt und ein gelungener Rückblick auf ein sehr gutes Musik-Jahr.

Die vollen 3 Stunden gibt’s nach dem Klick als Stream und auch als Download.

-> We’ve all got our own jams.

Good songs have a way of finding our ears and if we love them, we keep them near. We go back to them, sometimes every day, sometimes every few weeks, or months, or even every few years. Some songs are new, some are old — our personal soundtrack is unique and comes from a number of different influences. We play certain songs over and over, and those songs often go on to define that time in our lives.

„Songs We Listened To A Lot in 2013“ is sort of a „Best Of“ year-end mix, but the catch is it isn’t only comprised of music that was released that year. Many of the songs ARE from 2013, but we want to make sure the ‚older‘ songs that made noise on our speakers & headphones get the shine they deserve, too. 39 tracks, and just under 3 hours of music. It’s safe to say that there is something on here for everyone, and we guarantee you’re going to hear something new.


Hier entlang zum Download.

By Skratch Bastid & Cosmo Baker