iDiot – Animierter Kurzfilm über Smartphone-süchtige Roboter

Dieser animierte Kurzfilm nimmt die Gewohnheiten, die vermutlich die meisten von uns mittlerweile teilen, auf die Schippe und trifft den Nagel ziemlich auf den Kopf.

Roboter die Schlange stehen um endlich das neue iDiot 4 Telefon zu erwerben und sich anschließend Einsen und Nullen hin und her schicken, anstatt sich offline zu treffen. Grumpy Cat kommt auch drin vor. Alle haben Spaß, bis der Babo kommt.

Um ehrlich zu sein, ich entdecke mich mit einigen Angewohnheiten wieder.


iDiot - Animated Short

-> It’s not a secret we love robots here at BLR, so we wanted them to be the heroes in our latest promo clip. Luxury cars with powerful engines to drive through roads under severe speed restrictions, cable TV that allows us to pay to watch all kind of sports, all from our comfortable sofa, and of course, hyper expensive cell phones that do almost everything but making a decent phone call.

Yes, our happiness is based on things we don’t need and governed by entities we don’t control, so what? Sit down and turn on the tv!

iDiot - Animated Short 3

The robots were taken from real Japanese robot model kits, and they now hold a privileged position in our freak museum. The bad guy spits real smoke out of its mouth! The environment is made of cardboard houses that were integrated with the help of camera tweaks. It all serves to the purpose of creating a dumb homogeneous atmosphere in which we’re defined by what we’ve got, that is, the same lame things.

Don’t take the message too seriously. This is a promo video we’ve done to laugh at ourselves. We all have an i-diot inside, and it’s so fun!


By Big Lazy Robot