Ach du liebes Bißchen. Valery Rozov springt in seinem Wingsuit vom Mount Everest und stellt damit den Weltrekord für den höchsten Base Jump auf.

Er spingt nicht ganz von der Berg-Spitze, sondern aus einer Höhe von 7220 Metern und brauchte bei Tempo 200 etwa eine Minute für für den Weg nach unten.

Auch ohne den Sprung ist dieser kurze Film schon recht sehenswert, denn die Landschafts-Aufnahmen sind einfach Atem-beraubend.


Weltrekord Wingsuit Base Jump vom Mount Everest

-> The ascent began on the Chinese side on the famous north route. It took him four days to climb from the base camp to the jumping location. At precisely 2:30 p.m. local time he leaped despite adverse weather conditions with temperatures -18 Celsius.

Because the cliff at the top was not very high, the initial moments of the leap in the rarified high altitude air were the most critical phase. Rozov needed more time than usual in the thin air to transition from freefall to flying. After that he flew for nearly a full minute at speeds of about 200 km/h (125 mph) along the north face before he landed safely on the Rongbuk glacier – at an altitude of 5,950 meters.

„Only when I got back home did I see how hard it was for me both physically and psychologically,“ said Rozov after getting home to Moscow. „When you look at the videos you realize that it took a lot longer than usual to get from falling to flying.“

Weltrekord Wingsuit Base Jump vom Mount Everest 2

Weltrekord Wingsuit Base Jump vom Mount Everest 3

Weltrekord Wingsuit Base Jump vom Mount Everest 4


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