Das Vorschaubild zeigt den knappsten beinah Unfall des extrem Downhill Longboarders Josh Neumann. Und er hat durchaus einige brenzlige Situationen unverletzt gemeistert.

Die Top 1 seiner Close Calls sieht allerdings so unverantwortlich knapp aus, dass es ohne einen Disclaimer seinerseits nicht geht…

Ich hatte auch noch keinen Longboard-Clip mit Altersbegrenzung hier im Blog 😳

What Happened: While on a production shoot we had one of the crew members drive down before us and block off the road for one minute at a time while we skated down the mountain. We were rushing to beat the sunset and get as much footage as possible while the lighting was good so our communication about where exactly the car was supposed to be blocking off the road was subpar. As you see in the video, the result is us having to swerve off to the side of the road to avoid hitting the car that was parked roughly 200 feet closer than it should’ve been. We never go into the opposite lane on a blind turn unless we have walkie talkies and/or a spotter letting us know the road is clear

How It Could’ve Been Prevented: Taking the time to drive down the road one more time and show the crew member exactly where to park versus telling them from the top where to park would have entirely prevented this situation. Bad things can happen when people start rushing so when safety is the top priority, it is incredibly important to make sure everyone is on the same exact page. Blessed that everyone in the situation was all good and can move on and learn from it.