Das Produzenten-Team Steely Chan aus Toronto hatten wir hier schon mal mit „Honey Beef“, quasi der ersten Single des „Mos World“ Mashup Mixes. Nun gibt es ein komplettes Album selbiger Machart: Mos Def Acapellas auf den funky Instrumentals von Lee Fields & The Expressions.

Ich finde nicht jede Kombination gut, aber einige sind sehr gelungen. Meine Favoriten sind „Last Love Song“, „My Travellin Man World“ und „B-Boy Is King“.

Achso, das ganze Ding gibt’s auch noch als Download. Nice!

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Mos World is the third mixtape release of Steely Chan, a production duo from Vancouver but currently based in Toronto. Every week we release a new remix available for free download. Our music is steeped in the source material of hip hop beat culture: heavy funk, soul, jazz, dub reggae, disco, psych rock, electronica, freak folk, brazillian/afrobeat/world music. In other words, any and all musics with strong rhythm and a healthy dose of funk!

Our latest compilation is a departure from our previous bootleg remixes. This time around we’ve entered the nebulous world of blends, re-edits and mashups. Mos World combines the rhyme stylings of the mighty Mos Def with soulful instrumentation from Lee Fields & The Expressions’ “My World” album (2009 Truth & Soul). The result is an inspired adaptation of deep soul balladry from the 60s and 70s for the ears of crate-digging hip hop headz. We think the sound will appeal to indie hip hop fans, rare groove soul-revivalists, mashup lovers and everyone in between.

1. Bush Babees, Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions – Last Love Song
2. Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions – Honey Beef
3. Mos Def, Lee Fields &The Expressions – Fat Booty Expressions
4. Mos Def, Lee Fields &The Expressions – My Travellin Man World
5. Highy & Mighty, Skillz, Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions – B-Boy Is King
6. Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions – Mathematical Ladies
7. Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions – Work Out These Moments
8. Black Star, Lee Fields & The Expressions – Bright Star Comes And Goes
9. The Roots, Common, Mos Def, Lee Fields & The Expressions – Do You Love Hurricane?

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