Zwei Schachteln lümmeln auf der Couch. Die eine ist eingeschlafen, während sich die andere durch’s Programm zappt. Dann beginnen die Alpträume der schlafenden Schachtel und es je später die Stunde, desto blutiger wird es…

Fernsehen fickt die Seele.


The Box and Dox spend their entire lives sitting on the couch in front of the TV. Both are afflicted with a very powerful addiction to television. This addiction plays out in their behaviors and reactions, which are polar opposites of each other. The Box uses the TV to fall asleep, while Dox is a victim of his unstoppable instinct of channel surfing. They both need TV, albeit for different purposes.

Falling into his habitual deep sleep, The Box loses contact with reality, letting himself go completely into the dream world. This is where the character’s rational mind makes room for the unknown and unknowing world of his subconscious.

The Box’s brain, like an unprotected fortress, lies defenseless as it is accosted by dangerous outside stimuluses. The TV’s audio signal is the enemy that creeps in between the cognitive synapses of the sleeping protagonist, influencing his dreams and controlling his consciousness.
The Box, like a sponge, passively absorbs all the audio stimuluses that come from the outside; reworking them and unknowingly transmitting them back into reality as interactive hallucinations uncontrolled and interacting freely with their surrounding environment…