Die Sweatshop Reunion präsentiert „The Trillionaire$ – By Hook Or By Crook“, ein Projekt von Metty The Dertmerchant und Evil Ebenezer. Weiterhin werden auf dem Album Frank Nitt of Frank N Dank, AWOL ONE, Moka Only, Josh Martinez, Mos Eisley von Sweatshop Union, Mat The Alien und DJ D-REC dabei sein. Hier das erste schön gemachte Video zum Song „Hollywood Square“ featuring Moka Only und Frank Nitt. (via The Real Frequency)

„Sweatshop Union Presents: The Trillionaire$ By Hook Or By Crook Is a unique concept album, far different from the normal rap records being released today. It is a tongue and cheek commentary on the greed and ruthlessness of modern society. It celebrates and at the same time makes a statement about mans insatiable hunger for “the good things in life” (via Urbnet)