Electric Banana Portable Record Player – Ein Umhänge-Plattenspieler in Form einer Banane – Ein Relikt der 70er

Dieses etwas merkwürdige Relikt der 70er Jahre tauchte kürzlich im Netz auf. Der Umhänge-Plattenspieler in Form einer Banane wurde auf Etsy für stolze 1500$ verkauft und ist offensichtlich eine Rarität. Laut dem Verkäufer gibt es nur eine weitere Turntable-Banane in einem Museum in Kalifornien. Allerdings verstehe ich die 39,77 in der Annonce als Preisangabe. Wie auch immer. Es soll möglich sein Vinyl in jeder beliebigen Position, sogar über Kopf abzuspielen.

Es wird ebenfalls über eine Verbindung zu Andy Warhol und seinem Bananen Album Artwork für Velvet Underground spekuliert.

Electric Banana Portable Record Player-5

Ok, folks. I bought this record player because the time to buy something you have never seen is when you see it. And I am a huge Warhol fan. At the time, I could find no information on this. A friend was able to find this old advertising for it in an old Speigel catalog. In searching the internet, there are only 2 of these known. There is one in Indianapolis that a guy has from his youth- a present from his grandmother. The other one is in the Banana Museum in California. I even wrote to the Warhol Foundation to find out if there was any kind of affiliation, but they had never heard anything about this and had no record. They came up with the same information I did. Mine is not perfect, it shows wear and I cannot determine if the black markings on this have been redone or if they are original- looking at the picture in the ad, it is still hard to tell, but they look rough to me. I still love this. It runs properly at all 3 speeds, but it will need a needle. The cord is in good condition and the case locks as it should. The ad touts that this will play in any position, even upside-down, but I would not suggest such a thing, as it cannot be good for your records.

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Electric Banana Portable Record Player

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