Uncontainable – Drew Bezanson und seine BMX Mega Ramp aus Containern

Einer der großen Übersee-Container ist etwa 2.60 hoch. Drew Bezanson liess für den Drop In 4 Stück aufeinander stapeln. Totaler Wahnsinn, der aber sehr gut aussieht.

Red Bull hat mal wieder keine Mühen gescheut und das Ergebnis sieht dementsprechend derbe aus. Extrem gut gefilmt und Bezanson reisst ab.

Details und Bilder vom Aufbau gibt’s drüben bei RB.

My goal on this project was to ride stuff that would really scare me. To push my personal limits on a bike and to ride stuff I would never get the opportunity to ride unless it was built.

Drew Bezansen performs a huge 360 Tail Whip during Red Bull Uncontainable in Truro, Canada on August 5th, 2015.

What happens when the ramps you want to ride are so big they don’t exist? No stranger to testing the boundaries of fear on a BMX bike, Canadian rider Drew Bezanson has literally climbed the rafters at contests just to drop in higher than anyone else. Eventually, he reached the point where no current ramp set-up was high enough or big enough to push himself on. Enter Uncontainable, a custom-built set-up made of enormous shipping containers. At a secret location near his hometown of Truro, Nova Scotia, Drew worked tirelessly with a team of renowned ramp builders, led by Nate Wessel, to put together some of the biggest BMX obstacles ever ridden. Needless to say, Bezanson has gone mental. Feast your eyes on some of the gnarliest BMX riding like never seen before


Danke Tobi
Foto: Scott Serfas / Red Bull Content Pool