Ein bisschen Gang Starr geht eigentlich immer. DJ Leroy Rey hat anlässlich des 57. Geburtstags von Keith Elam aka GURU am 17. Juli 2018 seinen The Legacy of Gang Starr Mix neu hochgeladen.

Versüßt mit der Mix auf jeden Fall den Sonntag.

Posted originally on my former SC account, but now re-posted in honor of Keith Elam aka Guru’s 57th Birthday. May he rest in power. This is an assembly of all things Gang Starr released outside their 6 studio albums, sequenced as a proper Gang Starr album.

Salute to DJ Premier & The One & Only Guru!

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Gang Starr Legacy Tracklist

1. Baldhead Slick Intro
2. Full Clip
3. Hustlin‘ Daze (ft. Donell Jones)
4. Incredible (ft. Krumb Snatcha)
5. The Legacy (ft. Group Home)
6. Natural
7. Battle
8. Gotta Get Over (Taking Loot)
9. The Militia pt. II (ft. WC & Rakim)
10. The Squeeze
11. The ? Remainz
12. All For The Ca$h
13. Discipline (ft. Total)
14. Back 2 Back (ft. Mendoughza)
15. 1/2 & 1/2 (ft. M.O.P.)
16. Weed Scented (ft. A.G, O.C. & Party Arty)
17. So Wassup?!

All Tracks produced by DJ Premier for Works Of Mart,
except track 1 produced by Guru

Via ItsRap