Ein Tag im Leben von Pro-Skater Eric Koston, der mittlerweile 37 Jahre alt ist und seine kreative Energie dem Skateboarding gewidmet hat.

Diese Kurz-Doku ist von der Bildsprache und Ästhetik her so völlig anders, als ich sie erwartet hätte und gefällt mir deswegen so gut.

Sehr sehenswert!

This Is Eric Koston – Kurzdoku 2

This Is Eric Koston – Kurzdoku 3

-> As one traces the evolution of modern street skating from its earliest foundation to the unbelievable heights to which it has risen, Eric Koston has served as a constant innovator each step of the way. Since turning pro in 1992, Eric Koston has remained unfadeable in a cut-throat contest capacity as well as on the raw street level that prides itself in taking no shorts, all while never seeming to take any of it all that seriously. The wheels are always in motion, even when off his board, as Koston has helped advance innovation in skateboarding through his dedicated approach to footwear design (his creativity has yielded several classic skate shoes already) and by co-founding The Berrics with long-time pal and former roommate, Steve Berra.