Anthony Perrin darf sich freuen ab sofort Teil des BMX Teams von Vans Frankreich zu sein und feiert seinen Einstand mit diesem Clip aus Lyon.

In dem Film passt alles. Schöne Bilder und Spots, gut gedreht (allerdings auch ziemlich aufwändig), Soundtrack cool (kommt von CeeRoo) und die Tricks ohnehin.

-> Today we’re more than happy to welcome Anthony Perrin in our French Pro Team. Anthony is definitely the young French shredder that all the TMs would like to have in his team.
It took a long time to film this part since he started the first session in August but it was the minimum to show you what his able to do. You’ve already seen some bangers in the last Redbull Edit with Bruno Hoffman few weeks ago so you know what’s going on after the jump.


Via Whudat