Die Sole Origins Serie vom Complex Magazine widmet sich der weltweiten Sneaker Kultur. Mal mit Blick auf verschiedene Städte, Schuhe oder Persönlichkeiten. Kürzlich startete die zweite Staffel der Doku, die ich sehr sehenswert finde. Nicht nur für Sneakerheads interessant.

How the Berlin Wall Gave Birth to Germany’s Sneaker Culture I Sole Origins

Sole Origins heads to Germany to go inside the global headquarters of sneaker companies Adidas and Puma and uncovers the long-time rivalry between both brands. Berlin’s biggest sneaker boutique owners talk about how the fall of the Berlin Wall jump started sneaker culture in Germany’s biggest city.

How Football and Grime Music Inspired the UK’s Sneaker Culture I Sole Origins

The UK is divided both geographically and trend wise when it comes to sneakers (trainers). In the north football culture reigns supreme, while London is inspired by hip-hop and grime music. This episode features commentary by Dizzee Rascal, Gary Aspden, Mubi Ali, DJ Target, Full Size Run’s Matt Welty, and more.

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