Vorläufer des Breakdance 1959 in Kenia und Nigeria

breakdance in nigeria 1959

Offiziell wurde Breakdance Anfang der 70er in der Bronx erfunden bzw. populär gemacht. Diese beiden Clips aus Afrika zeigen aber schon sehr frühe Vorläufer der Art zu Tanzen. Sowohl in Kenia, als auch tausende Kilometer weit weg in Nigeria tanzte man bereits ähnliche Moves zu getrommelten Rhythmen. Leider ohne Sound, aber sehr abgefahren.

Kaduna in Northern Nigeria. Several quite outstanding cavorting dancers. A form of breakdancing

In Kenya, Africa, Kenyan man in shorts doing a sort of break-dance with drummers in background. The man is probably trying breakdancing for the first time as he is terrible at it. Another man speaks to drummers before having a go and falling over several times. A third man with checked skirt tied up out of the way does the same style of break dancing.
View of palm tress and village huts, moving to an open space where the villagers are congregated and the dancing is going on in the distance.
Close up of the djembe drums (hour glass style) seen amid the legs of people. Focusing on a African man with a child amongst other villagers. In the distance the villagers stand in a group close to a large hut with thatched room. Return to the dancing, a boy in a skirt shows off his break-dancing. Younger children watch. Close up of tribal dancers. 1960’s

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