Under-Bikes – Fahrräder aus einer ungewöhnlichen Perspektive fotografiert

Fotograf Andrius Burba hatte ich hier schon mal mit seiner Under Dogs Serie. Nun hat er sein Projekt fortgesetzt und Fahrräder von unten fotografiert. Für Under Bikes besuchte er ein Studentenwohnheim in Groningen und schoss dort diverse Fotos unterschiedlichster Fahrräder. Ein Making dazu findet Ihr weiter unten, die komplette Sammlung der Bilder gibt es auf seiner Seite, dem Underlook Project.

Our temporary photo studio was based at the Church Mansion, a former monastery now serving as a vibrant student house. For this project we’ve had all the help from the students who live at this student house and came to study to Netherlands from foreign countries. And of course the bike shop owner too. He has organised everything for these shooting days and had invited the owners of the most interesting bicycles found in Groningen. For this photoshoot many of them were enormous cruisers, we even had a cruiser made from wood or the one that was made from iron chains. For us it was such an incredible experience which will be remembered for a long time and we hope that these pictures will bring some of that vibe to you too.

Making Of Under-Bikes