360° in Rotation – Rodney Mullen zeigt neue Tricks in einem 360° Kamera Array

Rodney Mullen und Fotograf Steven Sebring haben mit ihrem 360° Film Liminal eine kleine Revolution geschaffen. Mullen skatete in einem Array mehrerer Kameras, deren Bilder sich nahtlos zu einem Film wechselnder Perspektiven zusammenfügen lassen.

Auf der Webseite von Steven Sebring lassen sich die Filme selber in die Richtige Perspektive schieben, allerdings nicht ganz so frei, wie ich es zuerst erhofft hatte. Trotzdem sehr abgefahren!

Rodney Mullen, who three decades ago invented many of the tricks on which modern skateboarding is based, steps inside fashion photographer Steven Sebring’s revolutionary 360 studio for his first major release of footage in 12 years, including several never seen before moves. Watch the exclusive short film Liminal here.


“You have to throw yourself out of balance in order to regain it, in order to generate the torque to do this trick. In this case, the board turns 540 degrees, from a near standstill. Since there’s no room to stop in the dome, I couldn’t afford to land squarely; it was a matter of jumping to the inside (watch back foot), just enough to curl it behind the rail, then un-weight enough to allow a slight slide, which halted me enough to stay standing yet not plow into the cameras. I went back to footage as old as 27 years ago, and I do not see it. I don’t think I’ve ever done it on camera, nor do I recall anyone else ever doing it, certainly not with a modern board.”

Via HS