Live: Rage Against The Machine im Pitzer College / Claremont (1992)

Ein bißchen Rage Against The Machine geht fast immer. Hier sieht man einen sehr frühen Auftritt der Band im Jahr 1992 am Pitzer College in Claremont / Kalifornien.

Gut zwei Monate vor Erscheinen des Albums. Dope!

PS: Etwa zwei Jahre später hatte ich eine ähnliche Frisur wie der Drummer. Zum Glück ist das schon lange her…

-> The video was shot in 1992 at Pitzer College in Claremont, Calif. and it finds the college crowd truly digging what they’re hearing as there any number of heads bobbing up and down and people surfing through the crowd, even at this early stage in the band’s career.

Watch as a fresh-faced Zack de la Rocha spits some rhythmic rhymes on ‘Bullet in the Head’ while a very skinny and still sporting hair Tom Morello lays down some of the nimble guitar mastery for which he would become known. You can also hear ‘Killing in the Name’ and a few other notable Rage songs within this 36-minute set.

Via Loudwire & KFMW