John Malkovich in einem Kurzfilm von Sandro Miller als Ecstasy schniefender Vinny in auf einer Disko-Toilette im Zwiegespräch mit sich selbst.

Erzeugt bei mir richtig unangenehme Gefühle und ist sehr intensiv.

Kurzfilm mit John Malkovich –Ecstasy – Contains Adult Content

-> Director/photographer Sandro once again enlists John Malkovich for his latest short film “Ecstasy.” A long-standing subject of Sandro’s work, Malkovich has been featured in several of Sandro’s portrait series as well as starring in his award winning short film „Butterflies,“ which won Best New Director Award at the Saatchi & Saatchi Showcase at Cannes in 2011.

The latest piece is a gritty vignette featuring the beloved actor as the feral character Vinny. With Sandro’s camera playing a two-way mirror, the viewer witnesses an unsettling one-on-one moment with Vinny spouting vicious invective to his own craggy visage, leering and mugging in a filthy club bathroom.