Four Lions erfreut sich neben Cyrus auf dem Sundance Filmfestival gerade sehr positiver Kritiken. Dabei geht es um eine Gruppe von britischen Möchtegern-Selbstmordattentätern, die einen mörderischen Anschlag planen und sich dabei in allerlei skurrilen Situationen wieder finden. Der Empire schreibt:

„Four Lions really is a film about terrorists, and not in a pussyfoot way. Though the style is low-key and the comedy deadpan, what these guys are about is absolutely real: nail bombs, explosives, collateral damage, the whole nine yards. But the genius of this film is to take us into their world; we don’t know what the motives are, or how they came to be radicalised, but we do know that they’ve assembled into a half-arsed cell by the time we meet them.“