Meine Fresse, süß und arschcool gleichzeitig. Wie der Butschie noch kurz im Stillen den Text von „Clique“ flüstert, bevor er loslegt.

Und wie er aufblüht. Es ist so cool!

You got something to say to the people? You do?

Oh, and you don’t need no music?

Jay-Z gets 12 year old boy on stage

-> You guys don’t have ANY idea how beautiful this moment was… This might’ve been the absolute BEST part of the show last night. It literally brought tears to my eyes to see this boy light up at the end. A little boy named Justin was holding up a sign that read, „Can I Rap For You?“… At the end of the show, Jay Z looks through the crowd and says ‚Hello‘ and ‚Happy Birthday‘ to random people, showing love for his fans. During this time, he sees Justin’s sign and this is what happens. Enjoy! ❤


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