Die neueste Episode der Jakarta Records Mixtape Serie "Radio Jakarta" gestaltet der Chef mal wieder höchstpersönlich. Jannis war zwischen 2003 und 2008 viel in Süd Ost Asien unterwegs und hat auf seinen Reisen ausgiebig Zeit damit verbracht, sich durch die Geschichte des Thai Funk der 70er zu diggen. Ein guter erster Post für 2015, wie ich finde. -> "In between 2003 and 2007 or 2008 I used to travel to South East Asia pretty much whenever I had semester holidays. It was before the tons of Thai music reissues and finding records was actually tricky since finding stores proved to be a challenging task (at least for me). Some days ago I started listening to some of the vinyl I picked up back then (and one or two more recent trades) and figured it would be nice to make a little mix, in this case focussing on the "funky" stuff not the vital string band scene. All original vinyl for what its worth. I hope you guys enjoys the mix. Thanks for all the support in 2014, we're looking forward to 2015." Radio-Jakarta-006