DJ Kollege Steve Clash hat in Pandemie Zeiten ähnlich wenig zu tun gehabt wie ich, die Zeit allerdings hervorragend genutzt. Mithilfe eines Künstler-Stipendiums und eines exzellenten Teams hat er auf einem kleinen Setup ein Set in einem Luftschiff über Essen (glaube ich) gespielt.

Der 1-stündige House-Mix inklusive Rundflug ist seit gestern Abend streambar. Es gibt wahrlich schlechtere Locations zum auflegen.

When you are an artist in times of a pandemic, then it’s hard times for you. Not just that you’re broke because you can’t work anymore. You also lack the audience and people who are interested in your work. Therefore you have to find ways to reach your fans and get attention anyway. And I thought: „What better way to get attention than with an airship?“

[00:00:00] Dune – Are You Ready To Fly (Steve Clash Edit)
[00:02:04] Tom Flynn – Twisty
[00:07:04] Alex Sims & Michel Simrad – Zeppelin Ride
[00:10:19] Josh Butler, Bontan – Set Your Soul On Fire
[00:14:38] Body Ocean – Once The Music
[00:18:19] Benjamin Damage X Fat Joe – Zeppelin X All The Way Up (Steve Clash Mashup)
[00:20:43] Steve Clash – Luftschiff (Hi.5 Remix)
[00:23:27] The Chemical Brothers – Got To Keep On (Riton Extended Mix)
[00:28:01] Mason – Givin’ Up (Original Mix)
[00:33:21] Camden Cox, Dombresky – Do You Remember
[00:37:25] Basement Jaxx – Fly Life (Flashmob 2018 Remix)
[00:43:23] Ordonez – Morning Freaks (Original Mix)
[00:48:12] Johan S – Drop The Beat (Extended Mix)
[00:52:16] Jerome Price – Smack Ma (Original Mix)
[00:57:25] Foo Fighters – Learn To Fly (Pic Schmitz Remix)
[01:00:06] Sergio Trilini – Zeppelin (Club Mix)
[01:05:44] Steve Clash – Luftschiff (Original Mix)

⬆️ As in the DJ set I performed in the church last christmas, my goal was to play at least 50% of the tracks with a relation to the topic. In this case flying and airship/ zeppelin.