Gerade habe ich das Tiny Desk Home Concert von Sting aufgestöbert, ein kleines Unplugged Konzert aus (eventuell) seinen eigenen vier Wänden. Den Anfang macht er mit einer neuen Version seines Klassikers Englishman in New York. Zu Gast ist Shirazee, der den Song vor einer Weile gecovert hat. Die beiden kamen in Kontakt und haben schließlich auch zusammen gearbeitet.

Einfach schön!

Abby O’Neill | March 22, 2021
Music icon Sting returns to Tiny Desk with a new collaborator in tow, and the story is heartwarming. During the pandemic, Beninese pop star Shirazee adapted his own rendition of Sting’s classic „Englishman in New York“ into „African in New York.“ His version made its way to Sting, who loved it so much that he asked Shirazee to lend his voice to his Tiny Desk (home) concert and record for his new Duets album.

Their chemistry feels natural and just as comforting as this long overdue sunshine after a grueling winter. Shot in a lounge in NYC where Sting’s presently recording another album, these two gentlemen share a touching moment between songs, expressing their mutual admiration and discussing the sheer joy about a simple concept – performing in a room together after 12 long months of isolation and virtual collaborations.