Wieder mal Großartiges bei NPR und der Tiny Desk Concert Serie. Diesmal zu Gast ist Koffee mitsamt ihrer Liveband. Bringt mich gerade hervorragend durch diesen grauen Tag in Hamburg.

Krass, wie jung und dope die ist.

Tracklist Koffee Tiny Desk Concert

  • Raggamuffin
  • Rapture
  • Toast
  • W
  • „It’s been a fairly short musical journey and we have seen fairly much success,“ Koffee told the NPR Music offices between songs during her Tiny Desk set. Flashing her braces with each grin, Jamaica’s 19-year old tour de force wasn’t exaggerating. Her debut EP, Rapture, just won a 2020 Grammy for Best Reggae Album, making her the first woman and the youngest artist to ever win in the category. It comes just two years after her tribute song to sprinter, eight-time Gold Medalist and fellow Jamaican Usain Bolt went viral online. Koffee has sustained a steady upwards momentum since then, finding her footing on festival stages and collaborating with others outside her genre. (Her latest single, „W“ features Atlanta rapper, Gunna.)