Einer meiner liebsten Songs des letzten Jahres war Hair Down von SiR. Wer den Tune nicht kennt, findet ihn weiter unten. Nun hat er mitsamt Liveband ein Tiny Desk Concert gespielt, völlig klar, dass ich das hier bloggen muss.

Leider ohne Hair Down, dafür werden The Recipe, New Sky, Wires In The Way und John Redcorn gespielt.

SiR, the R&B singer from Inglewood, CA, seemed lost in thought as he stood behind the Tiny Desk. While his bandmates curiously bounced around the desk, joking and even searching for Bob Boilen, SiR remained particularly focused. About halfway through the performance, he eventually revealed what had been weighing on his heart. He told the NPR crowd he’d lost his infant godson a few days prior and dedicated the performance to him. „We’re doing this for him. It took a lot for me to be here today …but we’re gonna get through this.“

SiR – Hair Down ft. Kendrick Lamar