Es hört einfach nicht auf. Die Tiny Desk Concerts bleiben top Material. Dieses Mal zu Gast ist UK Rapper Dave, der mit Burna Boy und Location einen der wohl größten Hits 2019 hat. Zum letzten Song Hangman begleitet er sich selbst am Piano. Ein sehr talentierter junger Typ.

Eine Woche lässt sich schlechter starten.

Behind Dave’s British stoicism, you get an up-close look at the honest storytelling and stripped-down vulnerability that earned him a Mercury Prize in the UK for Psychodrama and an acting role in Netflix’s crime drama reboot Top Boy. He blacks out, lyrically, with a four-piece band and background singer backing him after sharing the inspiration behind the aptly-titled song „Black“ from his opus of a debut. „It’s just about the black British experience,“ he says. „Everyone’s experience of being black is a little bit different, but this is my take on it. I wanted to deliver it to the world and here it is for you guys.“