Tadow! Masego beim Tiny Desk Concert

Das hier sind doppelt gute Neuigkeiten, denn die Tiny Desk Konzerte sind prinzipiell immer gut. Masego live ist ebenfalls immer gut. Mitsamt Band performt er Tadow, Nayhoo, Queen Tings, Black Love und I Do Everything.

Sehr schön!

Masego’s five-song set at the Desk wound up feeling something like a jam session — props and surprise guests included. First, before opening with the jazzy „Tadow,“ Sego pulled off a quick, mini-prank by sending his friend, comedian Lorenzo Cromwell, up to the mic before stepping forth himself. Next, Sego tossed up 100 dollar bills with his face on it and beckoned the crowd into a call-and-response of „hi-di-hi-di-hi-di-ho.“ Finally, to have a few more moments of fun after „I Do Everything“ — and to prove he really does do everything — Sego juggled water bottles to the rhythm of the luscious music his band providing.