Aubrey & The Three Migos – Showreel des Drake Tour VFX Designs

Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich schon mal einen Clip von der Aubrey & The Three Migos Tour gesehen, der einige der VFX gezeigt hat. Die Qualität reichte allerdings nicht annähernd an diesen heran. Das Showcase der russischen Firma Sila Sveta ist ziemlich beeindruckend. Live muss das noch sehr viel besser ausgesehen haben, schätze ich.

Multimedia stage content created by Sila Sveta at the invitation of creative director Willo Perron for Aubrey and The Three Amigos Tour co-headlined by no other than Drake and Migos. We pulled out numerous visual and technological stops in an effort to make the tour „unique, so you can’t see it anywhere.“ Drake was able to walk on an elevated stage adorned with thousands of tiny lights among other outrageous things like a gigantic scorpion, solar system, molten lava, and a yellow Ferrari. Add on the LED screens and BlackTrax technology that have the ability to track his every move and fans were in for the experience of a lifetime.

drake three migos tour Sila Sveta vfx

drake three migos tour Sila Sveta vfx

drake three migos tour Sila Sveta vfx

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