Filzstift Kunst von Nicky Leanne Kumarart

filzstift kunst nicky leanne kumarart

In meinem Feed stolperte ich über die Filzstift Malereien von Nicky Leanne Kumarart. Ihre unfassbar ruhige Hand und die saubere Technik finde ich mehr als beeindruckend. Es macht Spaß, ja geradezu zufrieden, ihr bei Malen zuzusehen. Der aktuellste Clip mit dem Verlauf ist noch einen Tick stärker, völliger Wahnsinn.

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Ok my dudes. This is dedicated to the peeps who weren’t familiar with my colouring videos and were expecting something to happen with my last circle video. Filling it up wasn’t satisfying enough ? Is this better?? Lol . So, got myself some Chameleon markers and this is my first try. I used them on regular sketch book paper, thus the immense amount of bleeding ? Next time I’ll try them on card stock! This is streaky but I used the bullet tip and I think using the brush tip will help eliminate that problem. All that aside, they’re fun to use and I think I like them. The markers work by holding the colour tip against a clear pen tip for a number of seconds. The longer you hold them together, the greater the blendy effect ?? Next up – a flower! What do you think? Kinda cool? . @chameleon_art_products . . . . . ♥️

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