Die belgische Polizei hatte in den 70ern eine kleine Flotte 2.7 Liter 911 Targas. Ein wunderschönes Auto, dem die Lackierung der Belgier wirklich gut steht. Das an der Seite montierte Blaulicht sticht etwas heraus, dafür wurde die Stop-Leuchte sehr elegant integriert. Von den 20 Polizei Porsche sind heute nur noch 3 der Wagen im Originalzustand übrig. Ari Epstein ist einer der stolzen Besitzer und fährt ihn auch.

In the 1970s, the Belgian gendarmerie had its stable of national police cars bolstered by the likes of BMW’s 2002ti, and later on they counted the Golf GTI and Volvo 240 Turbo among their mechanized ranks, but no cop in the country—or the rest of the world—had ever kept the streets safe with the same pace as provided by the 2.7 RS-powered 911 Targas.

Until 1993, the small batch of 911 Targas that Porsche delivered to the Belgian government in 1976 were the fastest police cars in the world, and today they’re some of the rarest; of the original 20, only three are known to exist, with most of the rest succumbing to the rigors of the job. The lucky officers that drove these beautiful workhorses had to pass stringent testing, and Ari Epstein put in two years of his own hard work in order to find this rare specimen. Since cleaning it up and bringing it back to life he’s been sure to drive it often, always obliging the officers who pull the Porsche over so they can take a photo with their retired colleague.