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Lego Star Wars by Vesa Lehtimäki

Star Wars Fan Vesa Lehtimäki kombiniert in seiner Arbeit Fotografie, Illustration und setzt all das mithilfe von LEGO um. Er platziert Modelle und Figuren in realen Umgebungen. Mal humorvoll, mal einfach episch.

Dazu denkt er sich regelmäßig ausschweifende Sidestorys zu dem Star Wars Universum aus und hat sogar schon ein Buch, LEGO Star Wars: Small Scenes from a Big Galaxy, veröffentlicht.

Sein Instagram bietet einiges mehr an sehenswertem Material, das Lieblingsmotiv ist offensichtlich der Millenium Falke.

Little known fact: Max Rebo was a well known figure on the Tatooine music scene. He played easy listening gigs for Jabba mostly because they paid handsomely, but there was another good reason for performing on this venue. Below the throne room there was the pit the Rancor lived in. Being the ever curious perfectionist Max found out the pit, or dungeon really, had wonderful acoustics. . Sometimes, when the rancor was on tour (yes, it was a popular Outer Rim Territories arena performer), Max had jam and recording sessions in the dungeon. He often invited friends to play, the musical genius Figrin D'an was an often seen guest along with his band Modal Nodes. . Good times! . By the way, my favourite radio station (Radio Helsinki) is on on the background here, they are playing four straight hours of music from Paul Weller, who turned 60 on May 25. Great music to listen to while editing a photograph. . Earlier today, not having a clue of the evening’s soundtrack to be, I took this music themed photograph of Max Rebo jammin’ with Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes in the dungeons of Jabba’s palace. . I’m afraid this photograph will now forever be associated with The Jam in my head. I’m sure every time I see this, Town Called Malice or Move On Up will instantly autoplay in my head. There are worse things in life. . #maxrebo #figrindan #modalnodes #rancor #jabbathehutt #tatooine #starwars #returnofthejedi #lego #minifigure #toy #toyphotography #toyphotographers #toptoyphotos #toyslagram #toyslagram_starwars #stuckinplastic #originality #avanaut

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TK-24/7 likes cross-country skiing. Looking at this photograph, it’s hard to tell whether he is actually skiing or frozen solid. . There’s nothing to worry though. There may be snow and ice accumulation on the exterior surfaces of the snowtrooper armor, but inside it’s always nice and warm. He could be having a nap, come to think of it. Impossible to tell, really. . An old photo from two olympiads ago, 2010, when the winter games were in Vancouver. . I am avoiding the last critical paint session of the model I’ve had on the workbench for months now. I should do it tonight and get over with it, but… well, it’s not easy. So, I edited an oldie to get my mind off the project for a moment. . #lego #stormtrooper #snowtrooper #minifigure #starwars #theempirestrikesback #hoth #snow #blizzard #cold #toy #toyphotography #toyphotographers #toptoyphotos #stuckinplastic

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A leftover from an earlier shoot last June. . I never managed to get this to fully work in-camera, the amount of blizzard needed was simply too big for my techniques. The UCS LEGO Snowspeeder is rather massive, you know. There was also not much story in this scene so I didn't push this particular idea terribly much. . Today I figured that despite the lack of story, this was a decent shot from a technical point of view. I took snow from another frame and added some to this to patch the shortcomings of my technique. This is therefore more like a photoillustration than a straight photograph but, well, the speeder looks nice and fast. . #lego #snowspeeder #ucs #starwars #theempirestrikesback #hoth #snow #blizzard #toy #toyphotography #toyphotographers #toptoyphotos #stuckinplastic #originality #avanaut

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Making plans for holidays next summer. Took my Eagle Tourer out for a short spin to check if it's ready and fit for any upcoming camping trips. . My Eagle Tourer is a refurbished 1975 classic Transport model. The passenger pod is fitted with modern interior designed for light leisure travel. It bunks four, there is also a lounge and a small kitchenette. Toilet and shower took a little effort to fit in because, as you know, spaceships rarely have them, but in the end, they went in and work like a charm. Mosquito nets on doorways are a given, there is also a 100mb/s continuous broadband wi-fi. . With the Tourer, any trip is a hoot. You can fly wherever you like (bar non-flying zones) and live in the comfort of the Tourer pod. Holidays – I can't wait! . #miniature #scalemodel #space1999 #spaceship #fog #mist #eagletransporter #originality #stuckinplastic #toyphotographers #toy #toyphotography #toptoyphotos

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