Gerade veröffentlichte Evidence sein drittes Soloalbum. In den Tunes der Woche hatte ich bereits die ersten beiden Singles gefeatured, natürlich muss auch Weather or Not ein Plätzchen hier finden. Ganz besonders, weil das komplette Album als Youtube Clip zur Verfügung steht. The Weatherman aka Ev (oder ein Stellvertreter) cruised durch einen regnerischen Tag, während das Album läuft. Ich bin etwa bei der Hälfte angelangt und finde es bis hierhin sehr gelungen.

Now that the album is finished, I can see clearly that every single song serves its own purpose. To me, it’s like a playlist, or a greatest hits collection…except that none of these songs existed before I made them.

I made this album with loyalists in mind,” Evidence says. “There’s nothing that’s unintentional. There are no wasted words.” While the album predominantly highlights his talent as a rapper, Evidence is also a well known producer, photographer and videographer. But, for all of his non-stop, high-level productivity, Evidence is most notably modest, a quality fully captured on Weather Or Not.

Weather or Not Tracklisting

0:00 – The Factory [prod. Twiz The Beat Pro]

2:58 – Throw It All Away [prod. Alchemist]

5:55 – Powder Cocaine (feat. Slug & Catero) [prod. Alchemist]

8:52 – Jim Dean [prod. Nottz]

12:55 – Weather or Not [prod. Babu]

16:59 – Moving Too Fast (feat. Catero) [prod. Evidence]

18:32 – Runners (faet. Defari) [prod. Evidence]

21:59 – Bad Publicity (feat. Krondon) [prod. Nottz]

26:18 – Rain Drops [prod. Twiz The Beat Pro]

29:32 – Sell Me This Pen (feat. Alchemist & Mach Hommy) [prod. Alchemist]

33:26 – Love Is a Funny Thing (feat. Styles P, Rapsody & Khrysis) [prod. Alchemist]

38:12 – 10,000 Hours [prod. DJ Premier]

41:04 – What I Need [prod. Evidence]

44:58 – To Make a Long Story Longer (feat. Jonwayne) [prod. Samiyam]

49:11 – Wonderful World (feat. Rakaa) [prod. Budgie]

52:46 – Be My Side Too [prod. Budgie]