Extrem Inoffiziell – Star Wars Kama Sutra

Das Star Wars Kama Sutra ist ausdrücklich inoffiziell (was sonst?) und eine der wohl schönsten Stilblüten aus dem Star Wars Merchandise Universum. Ausdrücklich nicht zum nachahmen empfohlen.

Bei Amazon übrigens noch zu haben und angeblich vor Weihnachten geliefert :)

This book was created for Star Wars fans with a slightly twisted sense of humor. It is a parody of the characters in the Star Wars universe and created with all the love in the world that I’ve got for them (yes, even Jar Jar). Within these pages, you’ll find all your favorite Star Wars characters, represented by the action figures that I have purchased over the years, engaged in all manner of absurd sexual positions and situations.

Star Wars Kama Sutra

Don’t try any of the positions in this book. Most of them are not physically achievable, and I’ve got no idea where you’d be able to find a Rancor, anyway. Don’t buy this book for small children. That’s just stupid. Buy it for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friend or parent. Buy it for anyone you know who loves Star Wars and knows that the internal temperature of a Taun Taun is always going to be “Luke Warm.” May the Force be with you.

Star Wars Kama Sutra

Danke David