Bastler Daniel Cseh hat DAS Gagdet schlechthin für ermüdete Mittelfinger erfunden. Sein Exoskelett für den Fuck-Finger lässt sich vom Smartphone aus triggern und reagiert auf vordefinierte Sätze und Phrasen. Zum Beispiel in den Reden einiger Politiker.

Eine herrliche Erfindung!

The middle finger exoskeleton is a response to political bullshit. Powered by a servomotor and Google’s speech recognition capabilities, it helps its wearer react to a predefined set of phrases and sentences by flipping the bird.

The 3D printed device is adjustable to the wearer, and so is the vocabulary, which – in the advent of alternative facts and post-factual politics – may never be complete. Overall, it’s an attempt to sensitize the person wearing it, who may already be stuck in indifference to the empty phrases of the post-truth political rhetoric.

Via Tyrosize