Sommerliche Mixtapes kann man prinzipiell nicht genug auf Vorrat haben. Mit „Cool – HipHop on The Chill Tip“ ist DJ O-Dub ein Mix gelungen, der schon nach dem ersten Hören in meine fest BBQ und Strandtag Liste aufgenommen wurde.

Entspannte Tunes von InI, Beatnuts, Masta Ace, DJ JS-1, Jay-Z, Lords Of The Underground und anderen bringen mich zum mitnicken. Sehr sehr gut!

I finished most of this last summer; it was meant to be a summery vibe mix but by the time I actually had the finishing touches applied…it was close to winter and I figured, heck, I’ll just wait until things thaw out again. I hadn’t made a purely hip-hop-centric mix in years and I don’t know why I don’t do this more. I had so much fun picking through songs and putting this together and more importantly, that aforementioned vibe is something I never get tired of listening to.

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DJ O-Dub-Intro
Kid Abstrakt/Revolutionary Rhythm-Jazz and Coffee Pt. 2
Paul Ray-More Emotion
Lord Finesse-Down For the Underground
The Nonce-Mixtapes
Mood-Hustle On the Side
Maspyke-Spirit of ’92
J-Treds-Praise Due
Novacain-Seven Steps
The Beatnuts-We Came Here
InI-Grown Man Sport
Encore-It’s Time
45 King + Lati-Brainstorm
45 King + Lati-Lati Rocks the Bells
Mos Def-Hip-Hop (Original Mix)
Group Home feat. Brainsick Mob-East NY Theory
JS-1 feat. O.C.-Beyond
Lone Catalysts-Destiny
Apani B. Fly-Abracadabra
Hi-Fidel and DJ Crucial -Madeira II
DJ Yoda feat. PUTS-Quid Control
Brother Arthur-Whatcha Gonna Do?
Ron Henderson & Choice Of Color-No Justice, No Peace
Odd Squad-Here To Say
Masta Ace-Nostalgia
Lords of the Underground-Lord Jazz Remix
The A-Team-G.B. In Your Life
Public Enemy-Louder Than a Bomb JMJ Remix
Jaz feat. Jay-Z-Just That Simple
DJ Day-What Planet, What Station

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