Space Gif-Ity von INSA – Das größte animierte Graffiti der Welt

Graffiti und Street Artist INSA hat sich auf animierte Motive spezialisiert. Er malt ein Bild, macht ein Foto, übermalt es und macht wieder ein Foto. Bis es für eine rund laufende Stop Motion Animation reicht.

In Rio de Janeiro hat er 2014 das weltweit größte animierte Graffiti der Welt, er nennt es “Space Gif-Ity”, realisiert. Beinahe 60.000 qm wurden von Insa und seinem Team in 4 Tagen gemalt und wieder übermalt.

Das Graffiti wurde von einem Satelliten aus fotografiert und die 4 aufeinander folgenden Tage zu einem Gif animiert.



“This is way bigger than anything I’ve ever done before!,” INSA told CR. “It poses a whole other level of challenges: to sketch up an image this large, but with the help of a trusty trundle wheel, rope and some mathematical equations, I worked numerous techniques that were new for me for painting on this scale.” …

“The design and planning I did on my own, a logistics team were coordinating the satellite and filming, then my assistant along with a team of 20 people were on site to help get it done.” …

“Once the work was done, we had to wait a week until the images were sent back to us from space,” INSA explains. “This was a very tense moment because we couldn’t be sure the project had worked until we overlaid all four days’ images together. Once the images were retrieved it was a simple process of overlaying them into a looping gif; for me the actual gif was made in space by the satellite – I just had to compress it fit for web viewing.”

Via Urbanshit & Creative Review