Eli Reed skatet sich tatsächlich durch die legendäre Playboy Mansion, Hugh Hefners Hauptquartier quasi.

Playmates als Obstacles. Was bleibt da noch zu sagen?


Pro Skater Eli Reed teams up with Playboy for “Lost Paradise,” a short film featuring Reed skating the Playboy Mansion. Check out the short film, sponsored by Diamond Supply Co. and Tenga, wherein the skater takes a nasty fall in New York City’s Chinatown and consequently wakes up in the Playboy Mansion to the likes of Playmate’s Kayla Collins, Ashley Doris, Carly Lauren, Crystal McCahill, Jaslyn Ome, Tiffany Toth, and Dani Mathers. The bikini clad bunnies, who dress Reed in a pink Marc Jacobs suit (an ensemble hand selected by Jacob’s Mordechai Rubenstein aka Mr. Mort) and give him free reign of the mansion, act as human obstacles as the skater Ollie’s, Hippy Hops, and Switch Pop Suvits over the poolside Playmates.


Danke Bub, danke Tim.