Die VHS Kassette mit Nikes ersten national weit ausgestrahltem Werbespot wurde angeblich erst kürzlich in den Archiven von Wieden & Kennedy aufgestöbert, die den Film 1982 realisiert haben.

Anlass war der New York City Marathon am 23. Oktober.

Ein schönes Stück Werbegeschichte mit ultra-retro Computer-Animationen.

For all you ad geeks out there, we’re pretty damn pumped to share something very special with you. We’ve uncovered the first-ever ads made by Messrs. Wieden and Kennedy, Nike’s first-ever nationally broadcast work. Until today, two of these were considered lost and never vaulted. Our digital librarian Phoebe Owens has spent the entire time she’s been with W+K searching for them, alongside Nike historian Scott Reames, with the help of David Kennedy. Today, some old, poorly-labeled tapes proved to have what we’ve been searching for.

These aired during the NYC marathon. They were shot and cut within a couple of weeks, with a skeleton crew. They were a tiny team and they made it happen, and the rest is history.



By W&K
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