The Best Of Wu-Tang Clan: Mixtape by DJ M-Rock (+Download)

DJ M-Rock ist unter anderem Gewinner des Toronto Vorentscheids der Red Bull Threestyle Competition. Mit anderen Worten, er kann was und das ist zertifiziert.

Zum 20. Geburtstag widmet er dem Wu-Tang Clan einen Best Of Mix. 52 Songs reichen natürlich nicht aus, wenn man auch die Solo-Projekte der Mitglieder berücksichtigt, aber es ist ein verflucht guter Anfang.

Mir gefallen besonders seine Juggles mit “Liquid Swords”. Exzellent.

Den Download dazu findet ihr auf seiner Facebook Seite.

-> 20 years ago east coast rap was dominated by The Native Tongues, Gang Starr, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, and in the mainstream, you had groups like Naughty By Nature. Without help from anybody, the RZA and the Wu-Tang came out a Staten Island, a place with little or no musical success in the New York area, and changed everything. 30 somethings can verify this – but if you’re 19 or younger, you’ll know that Drake dedicated a whole song on his album to them. In fact, Kanye, Kendrick and more are tributing Wu-Tang these past few years. Dark Fantasy is a RZA beat, “Numbers on the board” by Pusha T sounds 1000% Wu, and Kenrick just dropped a cover called “West Coast Wu-Tang”. They toughened up rap by bring the ugly parts of New York street culture over to music – in fact, all the cheesy groups couldn’t keep up, their music wasn’t relevant anymore. Instead of SWV featuring some loser rapper from Uptown or Bad Boy, the biggest R&B/Pop groups were featuring Wu.


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