Spike Jonze hat einen Film über die Unicycle-Szene (der Hipster-Ausdruck für Einräder) in L.A. gedreht. Dies ist der Trailer.

So weit, so gut. Was die Typen auf ihren Einrädern allerdings für Tricks abreissen, verschlägt mir die Sprache. Unbedingt ansehen!


AVAILABLE 12.21.2012 on FYRE TV.

TRAFIK presents The Official Trailer for To Live & Unicycle In L.A.

Over a day in the making, To Live & Unicycle In L.A. is the first feature-length film about L.A.’s underground unicycling culture. Directed by Spike Jonze, the documentary explores a side of Los Angeles few outsiders have ever seen.

To Live & Unicycle In L.A. features talented local riders tearing up the streets with first-time visitor Kleo Curly, one of the living legends of the sport. From races through rush-hour traffic to midnight loft parties, To Live & Unicycle In L.A. is a fast-paced trip through the busy streets and back-alleys of one of the world’s largest cities… on one wheel.

The second feature film from Spike Jonze, To Live & Unicycle In L.A. will challenge viewers’ perceptions of a city better known for its paparazzi, fake breasts, and traffic jams.

TRAFIK is a group of creatives who love to unicycle the streets of L.A. and the world. From Japan to Australia, Europe to South America, urban unicycling has become a symbol of a new generation that isn’t afraid to bomb hills, split lanes, and defy norms.

TRAFIK is Global Fixed Unicycling Culture.

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