One Night in New York – Der vielleicht schönste Skatefilm des Jahres

New York bei Nacht und Skateboarding. Eine Kombi, die ohnehin gut funktioniert, dieser Film ist aber anders. Wunderschön körnig und komplett in schwarz weiss gehalten. Keine hektischen Schnitte, keine Zeitlupen, keiner hupt hier in die Parade. Stattdessen gibt’s Jazz. One Night in New York ist einfach wunderschön anzusehen. Perfekt quasi.

New York is a cold-hearted bitch. She’s the prettiest girl you’ve ever laid eyes on that you know could break your heart at any moment. There’s a price to pay and it’s not just on the price tag. You wake up at war with the world and then the buzz of the battlefield rings around the clock. To skate through New York is one of the most exhilarating but exhausting experiences. Before you know it you’re too tired from skating to the spot to actually skate the spot. People are in your way everywhere and they all need something from you. The biggest police force in the country is out for you too.

You gotta hustle just to exist in New York and excelling relies on the stars aligning. The most dramatic weather has trampled the urban jungle and it’s riddled with cracks, potholes, glass, rubbish and weather-beaten asphalt. The character of the city is undeniable but you gotta have just as much heart as The Big Apple itself to keep your head up. “There are so many cities out there with similar energy, but skating in NYC is amazing because of the people, the food, the energy, and the spots of course. It’s not always the easiest place to go skate and be productive, but just being on your skateboard, you get to see the city in a way normal people would not.”

Danke Shaf

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