Der echte Stairway to Heaven – Die Haiku Stairs sind eine Treppe mit 4000 Stufen

Auf der hawaiianischen Insel Oahu gibt es einen sehr bekannten, aber verbotenen Wanderweg in den Koolau-Bergen. Die Haiku Stairs werden auch Stairway to Heaven genannt, denn es ist tatsächlich eine Treppe mit 3922 Stufen. Der Weg zu der ausgedienten Radarstation ist barrikadiert, anscheinend allerdings nicht allzu effektiv.

Einige Hiker posten ihre Fotos von dort oben und auch die Videos vom Aufstieg sind sehr eindrucksvoll. Da kriegt man direkt Lust mal wieder zu verreisen.

Crazy, beautiful morning hiking Stairway to Heaven for sunrise. 4,000 steps up and the best view I've ever seen.

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Fancy scaling a 3,922 step ladder and hiking trail? The Haiku Stairs also known as the Stairway to Heaven is a steep hiking trail first constructed in 1942 by the US Navy as part of the Haiku Radio Station, a top secret facility built on top of the Ko’olau mountain range in Oahu Hawaii used for sending radio signals to Navy Ships around the Pacific. After the radio station was decommissioned in the 1950’s, it was used by the US Coast Guard and the wooden stairs were replaced with metal steps and ramps in various sections. The stairs was eventually closed to the public by 1987 and although repaired by the city in 2003, it was never officially opened to the public again. To this day, adventurous people still climb the stairs knowing they could be caught trespassing… just to experience the exhilarating view from the top. Beautiful shot by @ninaa_laa #haikustairs #hiking #hawaii #oahu #ladder #usa #outdoor #roadtrippers #roadtrips #discovertheroad #amazingworld #exploretheworld #travel #trip #wanderlust #travelgram #instatravel #traveling #travelphotography #beautifuldestinations #neverstopexploring #igtravel #passionpassport #instatraveling #exploremore #worldcaptures #letsgosomewhere #bucketlist

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Travelling makes one modest. You realise what a tiny place you occupy in the world 🌎

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Stairway To Heaven Hike Alternate Route (Haiku Stairs) / Hiking in Oahu, Hawaii