Ice Ice Baby – Die Trauzeugin rappt ihre Hochzeits-Rede

Ich war schon auf einigen Hochzeiten zu Gast, immer mal wieder als DJ und damit quasi neutraler Beobachter. Reden gehören zu diesem Anlass dazu, meist handelt es sich aber um wenig geübte Redner die furchtbar nervös sind und in der Regel zu lange sprechen.

Die Schwester und Trauzeugin von Haley aus England nimmt die Gelegenheit beim Schopf und beweist Eier groß wie Melonen. Sie rappt ihre Rede zu Ice Ice Baby. Ich gehe einfach mal davon aus, dass sie das zwar geübt hat, aber sonst keine Rapperin ist. Dafür macht sie es ziemlich gut.

Da sie einen ganz herrlichen englischen Akzent rockt, gibt’s nach dem Klick auch den kompletten Text.

Yo wedding guests lets kick it.
Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby

Yo wedding guests lets kick it
Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby

Alright stop grab your drink & listen
We’re all here for a wedding convention
Something grabbed a hold of them tightly
H & Paul both daily & nightly
Will it ever stop, erm No
They’re a perfect couple with the love they show
To the extreme h is hot like a candle
Pauls laid back so its easy to handle
Dance we’re going to tear up the room
Drink & be merry for the bride & groom
Bob the dogs like their kid
Once he even shit out forty quid
Love it or hate it pobs always in the gym
He trains like a beast just ask our Kim
If there was a problem they can solve it
Pass H the wine she’ll always involve it

Paul & hayley
They’re married baby
Paul & hayley
Check out her ice ice baby

Singing thats how h rolls
I could listen all day it never gets old
Sisters shes like no other
Words cant express how much i love her
Piss pot describes hayley to be fair
Always on facebook with her legs in the air
Classy my sister could be a wag
Although this one time she was sick in her bag
Lovely thats the way she looks today
But not just to look at shes gorge in every way
Dizzy theres nothing she cant lose
Keys bag phone but never her booze
Rugby paul watches on tv
H knows the crack to leave him be
Hes a bit scouse & sounds like a crank
Im not worried we’ll make him manc
Fitness Paul’s lean & mean
Once he even turned up in a fitness magazine
Perfect for each other thats what i saw
Couldnt wish for a better brother in law
Babies soon will come
So get to work paul & get the job done
Happy thats what they are together
Not just today but forever & ever
Paul we’re all so proud so take a bow
Mainly because shes your problem now
Family two are now one
Our new relationship has just begun
Thank you for joining us today
We’re gonna have a blast in every way
If there was a problem they can solve it
Check out their love whilst my dj revolves it

Paul & hayley
They’re married baby
Paul & hayley
Paul you picked right right baby

H & Pob are the names they carried
Hob & Pob now your married
Attraction started in previous years
We’re here today after many many beers
Clearly its a story of true love
The stars aligned from up above
Support & love is what you’ve got
Not just me all this lot
People my raps coming to an end
But not before we toast our friends
Everyone raise your drink
We can do this toast in sync
To the happy couple love & laughter
Most of all happy ever after
If there was a problem they can solve it
Raise your wine, lets involve it

Paul & hayley
There married baby
Paul & hayley
Pass me a big drink baby

Maid of honour out.

Via Testspiel