Plizzanet Earth – Snoop Dogg erklärt die Izzerde

Snoop Dogg erklärt die Erde und ihre Geschöpfe für Jimmy Kimmels Tonight Show. Auf seine ganz eigene Art versteht sich. Er interpretiert ordentlich Gangsterism in die Tiere. Ziemlich unterhaltsam, muss ich sagen.

Snoop Dogg is a lover of animals and nature and from time to time, he shares his wisdom with us in what many call the greatest nature and wildlife show of all-time.

We have been teaming up with our pal Snoop Dogg to teach young people about wildlife. Snoop cares very deeply about the earth. In this winter edition of #PlizzanetEarth Snoop takes you on a frozen journey to the sub-antarctic.

We’ve been producing a very popular new nature series starring our friend Snoop Dogg. Snoop hosts his own show on his YouTube channel called GGN and from time to time he teams up with us to host what critics around the world are calling “the greatest nature program ever.” This time, Snoop teaches us a very important lesson about martens and squirrels.